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About us


  • AutoCAD
  • Idrisi
  • DynMAP
  • Envi
  • Erdas Imagine
  • FME
  • GeoMedia, Geomedia Pro
  • GvSIG
  • Google Maps
  • Mapinfo
  • MySQL
  • Open Layers
  • Open Street Map
  • PosGIS
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS)

Who are we?

With many years of experience in many territories in the GISCAD domain, we provide successful and accurate execution of your GISCAD related projects on a variety of GISCAD platforms.

Based in France, the company also has extensive experience of managing and monitoring CADGIS projects in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Some examples of the range of strategic project management services to manage and control projects at pre-construction and delivery stages:

  • Procurement advice
  • Project audit and monitoring, progress reporting
  • Management of risk
  • bring direction, coherence and momentum to the management process
  • innovate where appropriate, use tried and trusted techniques where it is not